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We help businesses to run more profitably by staffing:

  • full-time, or part-time remote employees/contractors

  • also, we have great experience relocating


With us, you can hire for roles:

  • C-level executives: CEO, CFO, CMO, COO

  • IT Engineer, Webmaster, QA and Designer

  • Digital Marketing Manager, PPC, SMM, SEO, SEM, etc.

  • Affiliate Marketing, Media Buyer

  • Product / Project Manager

  • Bilingual pro: English + European languages

  • Proofreader / Editor (native speakers)

  • eCommerce Professionals: Amazon

  • ERP SAP Consultants

  • HR, BD & Account Manager

  • Tech / Sales / Customer Support

Why Choose Us?

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We mean Global Business

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1-A, Sportyvna sq, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01023

+380930107027 Telegram / WhatsApp

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