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Business Development Manager (Senior IT SDR)

Location: remote

Are you an experienced Master of Sales who is keen on Lucrative Opportunities?

Also, there is an excellent chance to become a Head of Sales and build the team.


  • 4+ years of successful work experience as a BDM / SDR / Sales Manager

  • Communication & Presentation to express tech and non-tech concepts clearly & concisely

  • You can translate complex «IT language» and speak attractive human «customer language»

  • Success in B2B sales of IT services to clients who operate in highly competitive businesses

  • Lead generation: LinkedIn, social media, prof platforms, online & offline events

  • Know how to set up and use a CRM: HubSpot and Salesforce

  • Proven organizational skills to meet goals and set priorities

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy toward clients

  • Good business knowledge and management skills

  • Passion for Sales and Love for High Income

  • High literacy in MS Office

Competitive advantage:

  • Tech skills to create proposals and find solutions to meet client requirements

  • Grasp of numbers and the ability to write documents in a professional style

  • Ideally, you worked in an IT service company with a headcount of 200−400

  • Deep understanding of Enterprise B2B sales with a focus on the IT field

  • Prior experience in Outstaff / Outsource / Managed Services Company

  • It is natural for you to become friends with your clients

  • Advanced English C1


  • You enjoy sales and even feel that it is part of your calling

  • It might be a perfect fit for ENTJ, ENFJ, ESFJ, ESTP…

  • Active, purposeful, initiative, with high positive energy

  • Excellent negotiation and leadership skills

  • Unshakable believer in your Sales Power

  • Critical thinker and problem solver

  • Reliable and results-oriented


  • Create, develop, and oversee all BizDev strategy

  • Plan well for the company’s financial success

  • Tailor individual communication strategies for each client

  • Negotiate deals and sell IT services to prospective clients

  • Develop sales strategy and onboard new clients

  • Communicate and build strong relationships with clients

  • Stay proactive, organized, and handle work in a stressful environment

  • Build relationships with industry professionals, competitors, and vendors

  • Use quantitative and qualitative techniques to collect helpful information

  • Network with employees from other companies and potential clients

  • Run market research: customer trends and market competition

  • Decide whether this research is valuable to apply it as necessary

  • Prepare detailed business plans which cover relevant objectives

  • Keep favorable business relationships to ensure future sales

  • Stay up to date with economic and business developments

  • Liaise with in-house professionals and other companies

  • Stay up to date with overall business trends

  • Determine key business development KPIs


  • Base salary $2K + Commission % = $6K-$30K a month

  • Option to become a Head of Sales and build the team

  • Opportunity to attend prof events financed by the company

  • Super friendly, truly open-minded team with a family-like vibe

  • Highly professional CEO who never leaves you or forsakes you

  • Self-realization, professional and stable career growth

  • Free English lessons with excellent native speakers

  • Freedom to choose the best sales practices

  • Interesting projects and challenging tasks

  • Work-from-home opportunities

  • Paid sick leaves and holidays

  • Comfortable work schedule

  • Pleasant work atmosphere

  • Zero bureaucracy

About the company: Outsource Software Development Company (OSDC) with headquarters in the EU and over 400 unique talents. The OSDC delivers and maintains desktop and web-based applications and systems for various SMEs and startups worldwide, from Automotive, FinTech, Logistics, Healthcare, Insurance, Sports, E-gaming… The OSDC is a team of extraordinary Developers, UI/UXs, QAs, and PMs who help clients by building and operating top-notch engineering solutions. Our essential services are Tech Audit and Consulting, Discovery Phase, Team Augmentation, SaaS Development, Platform Development, Product Design, DevOps, Managed Delivery, CTO as a Service, and more…

We are waiting for your CV:

🎯Please send your CV with answers in Cover Letter:

  1. What type of B2B clients and regions have you worked with before?

  2. How many years of work experience in B2B IT Sales?

  3. How well do you understand how an IT Service Company works?

  4. What was the biggest Deal/ $ Check you closed?

  5. What is your level of English proficiency?

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