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Personal Assistant

Location: remote

We are looking for a special person who will join an administrative team and support the mission in providing direct support to the CEO and the team in a multitude of areas remotely. This is an interesting and challenging role that would suit a confident, highly organized, and professional individual who enjoys using their initiative and who has a «can-do» work style.

About the company:

The company is an international community that develops the world leaders of the future: business leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, etc. You will be a member of a warm and welcoming team that works with exciting projects and VIP clients.


  • At least 3 years of related experience

  • English C1-C2

  • Passion for psychology, consciousness, spirituality, health, well-being, etc.

  • Intelligent — has raw brainpower to understand, problem-solve, and learn

  • Fast learner — picks up new things fast, adaptive, responsive to feedback

  • Resourceful — will find out-of-box solutions to seeming unsolvable problem less

  • Organized and detail-oriented — naturally well organized and pays attention to small details

  • Confident communicator — confident in communication with others and can negotiate with vendors or give pushback

  • Anticipates needs — can predict the needs of the team members and clients to create wow experiences


Support to CEO

  • Travel — anything and everything related to creating seamless travel and living in a new location — flights, visas, COVID regulations, accommodation, healthy food sources, local area information

  • Organization — ensure the CEO stays on top of the most critical projects, meetings, relationships, and nothing fall through the crack

  • Vendors — managing any interactions with vendors like credit cards, insurances, telecom, etc.

  • Research — research and identify the best products, vendors, or services

  • Scheduling — assist with booking meetings with all types of stakeholders and vendors

  • Relationship management — do what is necessary to manage relationships with a large network of people proactively


  • Offline — organize exclusive private dinners and multi-day retreats in uniques locations managing everything from identifying the location to managing guests

  • Online — organize online events managing everything from identifying the best technology to managing payments

Special projects

  • Lead and execute or assist the team with a diverse set of projects everything from creating content to operations

  • Research and identify the best products, vendors, or services to solve specific company problems

  • Estimate business model, for example, self-sufficiency of the yacht

What you get:

  • Opportunity to become a Chief of Staff if you’d like to

  • You will get to participate in building the most transformational company of the 21st century and participate in the improving well-being of humanity in ways you’ve never imagined was possible

  • As one of the first team members, you will be part of the core team building a new company from scratch. You will have the opportunity to execute a very diverse set of projects

  • You will get a chance to work with an experienced founder and CEO who has built and sold multiple successful companies. As part of this, you will be exposed to a unique way of thinking about building businesses and navigating life

  • We are building a distributed company so you can work from anywhere in the world and will get to work with the best talent from across the globe

  • You will get exposure to the top leaders and top experts in the world across a diverse set of disciplines and industries

  • You will develop a mindset of how to make anything that seems impossible become possible and then ultimately bring it into reality with minimum effort

  • You will develop and further harness your skills in the areas of project management, time management, travel hacking, research, negotiating, managing relationships, developing presentations, etc.

  • You will be pushed to grow in ways you may not have expected and will leverage those learnings every day thereafter. This mission will turn you into a higher-performing, more resilient human

  • Our CEO is currently nomadic and lives 2-3 mo at a time in different countries. You will get a chance to join on some trips so that you can work together in person

  • Opportunity to attend events in different parts of the world

How to apply: please send your CV in English

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