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Operations Manager (Personal Development for VIP)

Location: remote

Looking for an Operations Manager to oversee the organization’s operations, including finance, budgeting, payments, monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations, assisting HR with recruiting, scheduling, etc. This is an interesting and challenging role that would suit a confident, highly organized individual who enjoys taking initiative

The company is a secret community that develops the world leaders of the future: business leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, etc. You will be a member of a warm and welcoming team that works with exciting projects and clients


  • 2+ years of relevant experience

  • English level: C1-C2

  • Passion for psychology, consciousness, spirituality, health, well-being, etc.

  • Detail and result-oriented – paying close attention to all the small peculiarities when working on a task or project while maintaining a high level of accuracy and delivering results

  • Analytical and problem-solving mindset – as a core team participant, we expect you to have an ability to determine the source of an issue and find an effective solution; can handle difficult or unexpected situations in the workplace as well as complex business challenges

  • Great communicator – clearly and competently articulate your thoughts orally and in writing. Be polite, open to conversation, be able to hear and listen

  • High emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-control, empathy, and the ability to build trusting and respectful relationships are essential

  • Resilient to stress – priorities might change and schedule might seem hectic, we expect you to be ready for it just as ready to handle changes with the “can-do” encouraging attitude

  • Constant desire to develop and get new knowledge – it doesn't matter how many diplomas you have, it is important how you think and whether you learn new things

  • Tech-savvy – we expect you to have the skills and intuitive knowledge to operate modern devices and software effectively

Additional traits:

  • Strong skills in control, record keeping, and structured work with information and documents

  • Planning and scheduling skills for multi-component schedules and timetables

  • Analytical skills (experience with finance and budgeting is welcomed)

  • Ability to make informed, responsible, independent decisions based on facts and analysis

  • Ability to work within a clear timeframe

  • Talent for arranging the space around you

  • Willingness to clearly and in detail understand new ways of document management and financial and payment systems

  • Highly-developed business communication and correspondence

  • Ability to negotiate, finding the best options for all parties

  • Experience in communication as well as organizing events and travel for top management and VIPs

  • Ability to multitask, bringing structure and order to the process


I Finances

  • Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing

  • Transfer the payments to employees and experts in a timely manner

  • Assessing and analyzing departmental budgets to find ways to minimize expenses and optimize profits

  • Identifying potential problems and points of friction and working to find solutions in order to maximize efficiency and revenue

  • Issue invoices to clients and keeps records of financial documentation

  • Preparing reports and estimating future financial needs

II Administration

  • Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations

  • Create and maintain online filing systems

  • Prepare contacts for clients and experts, assist HR with recruiting when necessary

III Scheduling

  • Schedule sessions for clients, maintain calendars, coordinate schedules, arrange meetings, distribute information and ensure that everyone is informed about necessary company news and information

  • Schedule and coordinate staff and team meetings

  • Acquire extensive knowledge of the premises, venues, and businesses to make the most suitable recommendations

  • Follow up with clients about plans and make adjustments as needed, including coordinating with the client’s point of contact as the event approaches.

  • Provide professional concierge services like arranging confirmation of reservations, dining, spa, and arrangements for off-premise activities, including but not limited to dining, transportation services

IV Special projects

  • Lead and execute or assist the team with a diverse set of projects, everything from creating content to operations

  • Research and identify the best products, vendors, or services to solve specific company problems

  • Coordinate events and speaking engagements

What you get:

  • You will get to participate in building the most transformational company of the 21st century and participate in the improving well-being of humanity in ways you’ve never imagined possible

  • As one of the first team members, you will be part of the core team building a new company from scratch. You will have the opportunity to execute a very diverse set of projects

  • You will get a chance to work with an experienced founder and CEO who has built and sold multiple successful companies. As part of this, you will be exposed to a unique way of thinking about building businesses and navigating life

  • We are building a distributed company so you can work from anywhere in the world and will get to work with the best talent from across the globe

  • You will get exposure to the top leaders and top experts in the world across a diverse set of disciplines and industries

  • You will develop a mindset of how to make anything that seems impossible become possible and then ultimately bring it into reality with minimum effort

  • You will develop and further harness your skills in the areas of project management, time management, travel hacking, research, negotiating, managing relationships, making presentations, etc.

  • You will be pushed to grow in ways you may not have expected and will leverage those learnings every day thereafter. This mission will turn you into a higher-performing, more resilient human

  • Our CEO is currently nomadic and lives 2-3 months at a time in different countries. You will get a chance to join him on some trips so that you can work together in person

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