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IT Sales Manager (90% inbound) successful Closer

Location: remote


Are you an accomplished Sales Manager/Closer with a knack for sealing deals and a drive to skyrocket sales performance?


There is a Dream Job for You – where your talents will be bolstered and accompanied by a proactive marketing department, ensuring a seamless 90% inbound lead flow 



  • Successful prior experience in B2B IT Sales: Outsource/Outstaff

  • Knowledge of web development fundamentals and principles

  • Proficient in concise and impactful presentations

  • Familiarity with EU and USA markets

  • Ukrainian and English: C1 level



  • Positive team player — good relationships are essential

  • Active, purposeful, initiative, with high positive energy

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy toward clients

  • Self-organized, reliable and results-oriented

  • Skilled negotiator — you enjoy sales


Nice to Have:

  • Charismatic communication style to forge lasting client relationships

  • Snovio, Sales Navigator, G-Suite, LemList, Notion, Crunchbase, Hunterio, Zoho

  • For presentations in Figma, Sketch



  • Seal the Deal: Lead pre-sales, sales, and upselling activities with finesse

  • Market analysis and constant exploration of new sales opportunities

  • Maintain/develop relationships with clients and company partners

  • Realistic monthly KPI: 20 Presentations; 10 invoices sent; 3−5 invoices paid

  • The Volume of One Relevant Project: from $50K to $250K

  • Conduct negotiations and presentations

  • Prepare necessary docs

  • Identify client needs

  • CRM management

  • Handle objections


The Offer:

  • Base salary: $1000-$1500 + Commission: 5-10%

  • Realistic monthly KPI: 3-5 invoices paid

  • The Volume of 1 Project: $50K - $250K

  • Competitive and timely compensation with 100% tax coverage

  • Full-time accountant for tax obligations as an independent contractor

  • Budget allocated for necessary platforms and services

  • Flexible work format: remote or office/hybrid

  • Minimal hierarchy in the work environment

  • Paid vacations: 24 days per year

  • Paid sick leaves and holidays


About the Company: Since 2015, our solutions have been trusted by industry leaders such as Fox Sports, Huawei, Ford, Samsung, etc. We specialize in UX/UI Design and have facilitated startups from Series A to Series B, with over $120.000.000 in client investments over the last three years. With more than 350 satisfied clients and $11.000.000 saved for enterprise customers in the last two years. We are known for our high-quality services and client loyalty, primarily serving the California market, where 90% of our clients are based.


We appreciate your responses to the following questions:

  1. Please share your expertise in sales within the IT service sector.

  2. Which countries/markets have you found most fruitful for your sales endeavors?

  3. Can you elaborate on your track record of delivering presentations to clients?

  4. What is the biggest B2B deal/contract you have closed in USD?

  5. How would you assess your proficiency in spoken English?

  6. What are your Base Salary and Commission expectations?



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