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We help SMM Agency to get American Client

We can introduce you to American Corporate Client (Top Health Insurance Companies) who is currently open for long-term Lead Generation Partnerships with SMM Agency (independent contractor) to drive ad traffic for US audiences.


  1. We consider only SMM Agencies who already have positive work experience with the health insurance industry – that ensure higher quality traffic as well as reduce your overall costs.

  2. You have a positive E-marketing experience with English-speaking clients

  3. If you are interested to start our conversation process – you have to provide your case studies of successful campaigns for the health insurance field.


  • Dedicated Landing Page (LP) to which you will drive traffic

  • LP includes a dedicated tracking phone number that is set up for you

  • LP can include your tracking Pixel which you provide (e.g. FB pixel)

  • Client implement proprietary Follow-Up and Nurture process for every Form-Fill you produce

  • Client have live call-center representatives who filter and transfer qualified calls

  • It includes multi-step follow up and nurture sequence

  • Tracks all calls, monitor call quality and call duration (set up a sub-account for you so that you can have access to these as well)

  • Client pay around $30 per call, and capable to receive 100–1000 calls per day 😉

  • Client processes invoices and pay every week


  • Drive ads traffic to the Landing Page

  • Cover all costs of advertising, web hosting and labor involved in collecting the leads

  • Invoice client for the prior week's billable calls

If your SMM Agency match all the criteria - let's continue our conversation and explore further whether this would be a good fit.

Contact person:

Skype: igor.renik

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