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Chief Operating Officer: Digital Transformation for Eurasia

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Location: remote

Looking for a dedicated COO to join the Leading Independent Institution (LII) working to develop Eurasia’s digital economy, in collaboration with International Financial Institutions, development agencies, Global Tech Companies, and Eurasian governments. The LII drives activities for IT HUBs and Ecosystems development, educational programs, thematic meetings, sessions, round tables, forums, conferences, etc. So, you will play a pivotal role in overseeing all operational aspects, ensuring the smooth functioning of its programs and initiatives.

Key requirements:

  • 3+ years of successful work experience as COO / Leadership position/Account management role at consulting

  • Passion for social change and a proven track record of managing complex operational functions and guaranteeing that nothing falls through the cracks

  • Excellent leadership and team management skills: keep focus on fostering positive culture

  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in management, business administration, or a related field

  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills: ability to engage and inspire

  • Proven success in resource development: Grant Writing and Donor Cultivation

  • Sufficient knowledge of relevant regulatory and compliance requirements

  • True commitment to creating a positive social and economic impact

  • Sound Financial Management and Budgeting skills

  • Share the organization's mission

  • Advanced English C1

Competitive advantage:

  • You are unflappable: stress or a bit of chaos doesn’t even cause you to blink

  • Tech-savvy in a way you use technology to stay productive and efficient

  • You are relentlessly resourceful: no problem is unsolvable for you

  • Work experience at international/global Consulting Companies

  • Ability to work and make decisions in periods of uncertainty

  • Ukrainian and other European languages


  • You are a positive team player: harmonious relationships are essential

  • Detail-oriented with the ability to maintain a high level of accuracy

  • Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities

  • You are a self-starter with a service-oriented mindset

  • Curiosity and personal development desire

  • Strong work ethic and commitment

  • Healthy Perfectionism in your DNA


Strategic Leadership – 10%

  • Collaborate with the Founders of the organization to develop and execute the organization's Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Provide guidance and operational expertise to support the Organization's Mission and Vision

  • Identify opportunities for program expansion, community impact, and operational improvements

Program and Operations Management – 20%

  • Oversee the implementation and evaluation of programs, ensuring they align with the organization's mission and strategic objectives

  • Develop and implement operational policies, procedures, and best practices to enhance efficiency and effectiveness

  • Keep updated and ready to report regarding the status of any project

  • Adjust and optimize work processes

Team Leadership and Development – 10%

  • Lead and inspire a diverse team of 10 Talents, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment

  • Always stay updated and ready to report regarding the activity of the core Team of 10 employees

  • Provide guidance and mentorship to team members to enhance program delivery

Financial Management and Resource Development – 30%

  • Develop and manage the organization's budget and financial strategies

  • Sustain and expand programmatic efforts, identify and support pursuing funding opportunities, including Grants, Sponsorships, and Partnerships

  • Ensure fiscal responsibility, transparency, and compliance with relevant financial regulations and reporting requirements

Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration – 30%

  • Permanently stay in touch with Clients and Donors: keep them happy and interested

  • If required, be able to represent the organization at external events, conferences, and speaking engagements to raise awareness and promote the organization's mission

  • Cultivate and maintain strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, including government agencies, donors, private institutions, progressive lobby, etc.

  • Envision prospective initiatives and projects

  • Plant seeds for future cooperation


  • Opportunity to cooperate with top 10 IT Giants

  • Initial salary: $ 2600 - $ 3500

  • The organization believes in recognizing the value of employees and offers a competitive salary that rewards your skills, expertise, and contributions

  • Paid Time Off: the organization understands the importance of work-life balance and offer paid time off, including vacation, and official holidays, so you can recharge, relax, and spend quality time with your loved ones

  • Flexible Work Schedule: flexible work schedule to help you manage your personal and professional commitments effectively

  • Opportunities for Advancement: the organization is committed to promoting from within and providing growth opportunities for all employees

  • International events, conferences, and workshops

About the company: The LII is leading independent institution working to develop the Eurasia’s digital economy, in collaboration with international financial institutions, development agencies, global tech companies, and Eurasian governments. The Aim is to reinforce values of inclusivity, connectivity, gender equality, and equal opportunities in Eurasian countries through the Digital Economy. It is a non-profit institution with offices in the United States, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

We are waiting for your CV:

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