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Sales Manager: German language, DACH

Location: remote


  • Proficiency in German at B2-C1 level

  • Willingness to learn: Company provides free sales training in German

  • Ability to work in a team and handle multitasking efficiently

  • Attention to detail and a responsible work ethic

  • Previous experience in call centers, recruiting agencies, customer support is advantageous

  • Ready to achieve results independently: 20-25 calls of 5-10 minutes each per day

Ideal Personal Traits:

  • Might be a good match for personalities like ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, ESTP, ENFJ

  • A positive team player: fostering harmonious relationships is a core value for us

  • Excellent communication skills, initiative, and customer orientation

  • Optimistic approach to life with a drive for personal development

  • Constructive life outlook, energetic, and goal-oriented


  • Consultation on company services for clients

  • Working with leads and client database

  • B2B sales to clients in DACH countries

  • Selling outsourcing services for labor specialties

  • Communication with clients via phone: 75% of the time

  • Emailing and chat support: 25% of working time

  • Maintaining CRM records

What We Offer:

  • Fixed Base Salary: € 600

  • Bonus component: from € 1200 to € 7.500 per month

  • Remote work from any country (except russia and similar)

  • In-house training: modern sales techniques, DISC, etc.

  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth

  • Freedom to choose the best sales practices

🎯 Please include in your Cover Letter:

  • Your current proficiency level in German?

  • Your experience in B2B/B2C sales?

  • Your financial expectations: Base Salary and Bonus components?

Join our team and embark on a rewarding journey where personal growth meets professional success!

We are waiting for your CV

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